Best Vaporizers for Battery Life 2022

Battery performance can make or break your vaping experience if you’re not using a desktop vaporizer. Nothing is worse than a session that’s cut short because of a weak battery, so let’s jump into it and take a look at the best portable dry herb vaporizers for battery life.

Best vapes for battery life: A quick summary

Arizer Solo 2
Arizer Air Max
XMAX Starry

Honorable mentions

DynaVap vaporizers
Sticky Brick vaporizers

Solo 2

Keep the vapor production rolling all day long with our choice for the Best Vape for Battery Life 2022, the Solo 2. With a fully charged battery, this vaporizer sustains a steady three hours of session time on a single charge, and will keep running while it’s plugged in. The Arizer Solo 2 comes equipped with full temperature control on an LED screen, a clean air path and glass mouthpiece, and pure, high-quality materials for exceptional vaporization. For the very best battery life, grab the Solo 2. Comes with a one year warranty on the battery and a lifetime warranty on the heating element.

Air Max

Arizer showcases another contender for the best battery life with Arizer Air Max. This dry herb vape is powered by a monster 26650 replaceable battery that grants users two and a half hours of straight runtime. And with universal USB-C charging and pass-through charging, you’ll never be without fresh hits for too long. Custom session settings, a pure glass vapor path and glass stem, and comfortable airflow from its stainless steel heating chamber reinforce Arizer’s signature quality with the Air Max. It also comes with a water pipe adapter for smooth bubbly hits. Grab a spare 26650 battery and the Air Max can’t be beat.


Storz & Bickel’s Mighty+ scores high in a lot of categories, including battery life, and is a great option whether you’re a beginner or experienced vaper. Its dual lithium-ion batteries power enough sessions to last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes, with a USB-C charge port to fill up anywhere. The Mighty+’s vast temperature range caters to a variety of styles, while its conduction/convection hybrid heating and effective cooling unit produce full, rich clouds that are gentle on the throat. Pick up the Supercharger to cut charge times down to an hour and you’re set up great for the long run.


The PAX 3’s pure conduction heating is battery-efficient with 90 minutes of session time. This stylish vaporizer comes with a simple one button control scheme and four preset temperature settings for easy on-the-go vape sessions. Turn it on, set your temperature, and enjoy long, gentle sessions with just a few button clicks, with or without a grinder. Connect to the bluetooth smartphone app and customize each temperature setting or explore PAX’s different Smart controls. If you’re looking for a highly pocketable vape with great battery life, the PAX 3 gets two thumbs up from us.


The XMAX Starry is our battery-efficient vaporizer on a budget. For half the cost of the PAX 3, the Starry grants users 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge, a user-replaceable battery, and precise temperature control on a full LED display. Build quality is tough, it fits in just about any small bag or pocket, and sits at an attractive price point. Pick up a spare rechargeable 18650 battery and you’ll be vaping for days.

Honorable mentions

Battery life is an afterthought with our lineup of torch-powered vaporizers. Pick up one of these vapes, top off your torch lighter, and blow clouds from dawn to dusk.

DynaVap vaporizers

DynaVap’s lineup of discreet, torch-powered vaporizers are practically indestructible, produce thick, quality vapor, and are some of the smallest vaporizers we carry. Plus, they never have to be charged! The bowl is small and great for microdosing, but the results are massive from such a small size with true, on-demand vapor quality in seconds. Heat the tip, wait for the click, and enjoy one-hitter style sessions anywhere at any time.

Sticky Brick vaporizers

Sticky Brick vaporizers kick it up a notch with durable, handcrafted hardwood and a massive bowl. These convection vaporizers produce some of the biggest clouds on the market with zero regard for battery life all day, everyday. Whether you’re strictly an at-home user, a traveler, or both, there’s a battery-free Sticky Brick option for you.

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Best vapes for battery life: FAQs

What is the best vape battery?

If your vape has replaceable batteries, you can upgrade the power anytime you want. The best vape battery is the one that suits your specific needs. If you need a battery to power your higher temperature sessions with a fast heat up, look for one with higher amps. If you vape at lower temperatures and want a longer lasting battery, get a battery with a higher mAh rating.

Check out our full lineup of batteries and chargers.

How do I fix my vape battery not charging?

If your battery won’t charge, it might be time for a replacement, or you may have a faulty charger. Swap in another battery to make sure your charger works properly. If you bought your battery or charger from us, reach out to us at and we’ll help you out.

Will any 18650 battery work with my vape?

All 18650 batteries that we carry will work with our 18650-powered vaporizer. Any of them will work, but as we mentioned before, what’s important is the amperage and mAh rating. Grab one that suits you and your specific needs. If you’re unsure, reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

There are only a few dry herb vaporizers that require button-top 18650 batteries. They are rare, and you most likely don’t have one. All of the batteries on Planet of the Vapes are flat-top batteries.

Get ready for all-day sessions with the best vaporizers for battery life. Let’s get into it.More  

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