Christmas Gift Guide 2022

How can you possibly find the perfect present for your vaping loved ones this year perhaps with a helping hand from Vapouround

Whether it’s forking out huge chunks of cash on lavish gift or fighting through crowds of last-minute shoppers, there’s just something ‘special’ about Christmas.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season and all the heart-warming festivities that come with it…but it isn’t half stressful.

Even when you disregard the annual family conflicts and hours spent sweating, chopping, boiling and basting while cooking up dinner, finding and buying presents alone is enough to spur on a merry ole’ migraine. This rings especially true when you’re playing Santa to a list of vapers, with the hefty catalogue of hardware, liquids and industry must-haves making it difficult to narrow down the perfect prezzie.

To help you avoid the headaches, reduce your time spent queuing and put a stop to the endless scrolling through online stores, we’ve hand-picked 15 vape-related gifts that are sure to go down a treat.

Made up of everything from e-liquids to hardware, this list contains some of the top products we have reviewed over the past 12-months…plus a few desirable extras. So, grab some egg nog, throw on those festive pajamas and browse through this year’s Vapouround Christmas Gift Guide.


Uwell Caliburn G2

Whether it’s the slick and simple shape or the ease of use, this device is an embodiment of what a true pod system should be.

Not only does it boast excellent build quality but the Caliburn G2 has also been fitted with a number of handy features that are perfect for users who want a high standard and efficient vaping experience.


Kiwi Starter Kit

In an ever-growing sea of new products and innovations it’s hard to stand out, but with the help of some truly game changing features this offering from Kiwi managed to do just that.

The unique ‘cotton tip’ is designed with smokers in mind, replicating the experience of using cigarettes…without the deadly tobacco.

This, paired with precise craftmanship, simplicity and a useful power bank, makes the Kiwi Starter Kit an excellent gift for someone looking to quit smoking. See our Kiwi Starter Kit review for more details.



A simple but brilliant device, the Luxe X is one of the most diverse pod systems our reviewers have tried to date.

Besides the clear casing, the exterior of this vape is very simple and only features a fire button, charging port and LED lights.

One highlight of the Luxe X was the adjustable airflow, which allows users to switch between a tight MTL or loose DTL inhale.

See our VAPORESSE Luxe X Kit review for more details.


Juice N Power: Power Bar Disposables

With 20mg of salt nicotine, an impressive catalogue of flavours and up to 600 puffs in the tank, the Power Bars make for an exciting disposable option.

The flavours include fan favourites like Grape Ice and Cola, as well as more unique alternatives like Pina Colada and Banana Sensation.

These disposables certainly got the thumbs up from our reviewers and could be a great stocking filler for the vapers in your life this Christmas.

See our Juice N Power Disposable review for more details.



A ground-breaking new product from one of the leading industry brands, the FEELM Air represents the world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution.

Our reviewers had the pleasure of test driving this innovation in an ultra-thin closed pod device, through which they enjoyed the benefits of FEELM’s proprietary coils.

They reported an extended battery life and said the tester device was allowed to shine thanks to the technology within.


Airscream Airspops Pro

This offering from UK brand Airscream exemplifies everything that a pod system hopes to be.

The sleek design and minimalist exterior pair well with the internal tech to deliver a desirable MTL vaping experience.

If you’re looking to gift a smoker the opportunity to quit this year…this device is no doubt a good place to start.

See our Airscream Airpops Review for more details.


ZOVOO Z700 GT Dragbar Disposables

By now VOOPOO is a household name – as far as vaping goes – and is one of the most iconic brands in the industry…these disposables are a testament to that fact.

Featuring a 380mAh battery and a standard 2ml capacity these devices can deliver around 700 delectable puffs in a range of mouthwatering flavours.

Whether you prefer the creamy notes of Strawberry Shake or have a sweet tooth that can only be satisfied by the zinging power of Blueberry Raspberry, this range has a choice for almost every kind of vaper.

See our Dragbar Disposables review for more details.


Zeus Juice E-liquids

Over the years Zeus Juice has cemented itself as a pioneer of well-balanced and creative e-liquids.

From its dessert-defying Daphne flavour to the refreshingly tropical notes of its Athene juice, the brand boasts a diverse range of choices.

These are made all the more impressive by the bold and unique designs that are specially created for Zeus’ e-liquid bottles and branding.

See our Zeus Juice Flavour of the gods review for more details.


Wismec RX G Mod

There’s no doubt that Wismec has dared to be different with the design of this mod, using a complex and layered outer frame to create a striking, cyberpunk-style piece of hardware.

As expected devices like this are slightly more difficult to use than your run of the mill disposable, so the RX G would be better suited as a gift for a dedicated hobbyist.

See our Wismec RX G Mod for more details.


Pukka Juice – Cherry Blaze

After being crowned E-liquid of the Year at The Vapouround Awards 2022, it was almost impossible not to feature this offering from Pukka Juice in our Christmas Gift Guide.

Clearly Cherry Blaze has established itself as a fan favourite and has garnered a substantial following of satisfied users.

If you are planning on giving the vapers close to your heart some new e-liquids this festive season, why not give them one that’s earned one of the most prestigious awards available.


EXvape EXPOD Disposables

Another disposable that could put a smile on the faces of the ex-smokers and vapers closest to you this Christmas is this offering from Exvape.

The EXPODs have a 400mAh battery, 20mg/ml salt nicotine, as many as 500 puffs and come in a variety of flavours.

From the refreshing Cool Mint to the subtle Melon Ice and tantalising Green Apple Ice, this range has something for near enough every vaper.

See our EXvape EXPOD review for more details.


Stop Smoking Start Vaping Book – Colin Mendelsohn

Do you know someone looking to brush up on their vaping knowledge? Are they unsure about the benefits of making the switch over to vaping? Or do they simply want to learn even more about the world of harm reduction? Then look no further.

This book makes a great gift for anyone who wants to deepen their insights and broaden their understanding of the reduced risk product and the politics that surrounds it…not to mention it’s quite the page turner.


Airscream Ink Lords E-liquid Line

From the minds at Airscream this new and visually appealing range of e-liquids could make the perfect small gift or secret Santa.

Barring the impressive flavour notes, the most striking aspect of the Ink Lords line is the tattoo style designs that feature on the bottles and branding.

Not only do they stand out against the simpler packaging of other options, but they deliver a dynamic air of maturity and sophistication as well.


World Vapers’ Alliance Branded Tee

For many, Christmas is all about giving back and what better way to do that as a vaper than to support the wider community.

The World Vapers’ Alliance – which is one of the most vocal advocacy groups in the sector – has a great selection of branded merchandise, including this graphic tee, available to buy.

And what’s more, all profits are used to help support vaping as a tool to beat smoking and reduce the public health harms brought on by combustible tobacco.


Vapouround Magazine Subscription

If you’re buying for someone who likes to stay up to date with the latest hot topics and headline stories in the vape industry, why not gift them a subscription to Vapouround Magazine.

Our by-monthly publication is packed cover to cover with engaging and exciting articles, as well as reviews of new products and columns from respected industry personalities.

What more could you ask for?


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 How can you possibly find the perfect present for your vaping loved…
The post Christmas Gift Guide 2022 appeared first on Vapouround. 

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