GeekBar Disposables Review

In for review today is one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market, GeekBar.

GeekBar disposable specification:

E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
Nicotine Strength: 20mg
Battery Capacity: 500mAh

GeekBar flavours

Sweet Strawberry

One of the simplest but well-executed flavours in the GeekBar army, Sweet Strawberry is just that.

A soft and almost warming smoothness is offered up initially and has a long lasting, deep taste.

I felt that there was just the subtlest touch of creaminess in there too, without any amount of cooling agent included.

Complexity is often favoured by disposable manufacturers, but a flavour such as this, in all of its uncomplicated nature, is a testament to the old adage ‘simplicity is key’.

This GeekBar was so straightforward and so easy to vape.


Lemon Tart

This Lemon Tart was a hit from the very start for me.

The lemon involved in this flavour was subtly zesty but came across as a lot more mellow when compared to fruity/icy based lemon flavours.

This disposable had a lemon curd feel to it, managing to incorporate a strange but delicious juxtaposition of sweet and sour.

A collection of rich, decadent and creamy undertones came next before the overall taste was rounded off with a warming and buttery pastry flavour.

All of the separate elements combined to create a one-of-a-kind dessert-based disposable.


Energy Ice

Growing ever popular in the disposable world, energy drink flavours are all the rage right now.

This instalment from GeekBar absolutely smashes all the hallmarks of a decent energy drink taste.

The likeness to the widely recognised beverage is uncanny, and you can certainly pick up on all the familiar, but difficult to define, fruity tones.

There were substantial amounts of cooling agent involved in this disposable’s overall flavour which allowed me to enjoy vaping this over the course of the day, without getting bored or tired of the flavour.


Peach Ice

Another frosty offering from GeekBar, Peach Ice is a bright, buoyant and deeply floral flavour.

The peach notes were full tasting and vibrant and even managed to convey the juiciness found in the fruit itself.

As suggested by its name, there is a hefty amount of iciness carefully distributed throughout the inhale, and even more so when exhaling.

The combination of a rather simple fruit layer and a biting undertone of cooling agent made this disposable both revitalising and an absolute pleasure to vape.

I would highly recommend this flavour to vapers who have a liking for cold, fruity tastes.

Guava Ice

Guava has long been one of my favourite fruits, so when I come across a decent guava flavour, such as this one, I get both intrigued and excited.

I feel that this disposable caught the very essence of the aromatic and vivacious nature of the actual fruit.

It managed to encapsulate the sweet but sharp, juicy and tropical taste flawlessly and the intense cooling undertone just exacerbated the refreshing taste.

As an overall flavour, I simply loved its accuracy and felt that the ratio between sweet and sour was spot on.



Geek Berg

The general profile of Geek Berg is definitely a popular one and with so many takes on such an iconic collection of flavours, this is probably one of the best variants I’ve tried.

A fruity mixture of punchy, jubilant berries is the first element I picked up on.

They seemed to bring a level of fizziness to the table that is then brightened up even further by a cool taste of menthol and a subtle amount of cooling agent.

As the cold sensation begins to dissipate, a warming and spicy note of aniseed comes in, acting like the glue that holds this flavour together.

Although not a super unique flavour profile, I did enjoy GeekBars interpretation of it.


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The post GeekBar Disposables Review appeared first on Vapouround.

 In for review today is one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market, GeekBar. GeekBar disposable…
The post GeekBar Disposables Review appeared first on Vapouround. 

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