GeekBar Meloso Disposables Review


 E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
 Nicotine Strength: 20mg Salt Nicotine
 Puff Amount: 600+ puffs
 Battery Capacity: 500mAh


Hugely popular with a vast following, GeekBars are amongst the OGs of disposables, and their new flavours perfectly reflect that same, dependable vibe. Flavours are accentuated by a brand new, dual mesh coil system, guaranteeing maximum taste and maximum enjoyment.


Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Bright and fragrant, this exceedingly popular flavour boasts a collection of berry notes, designed to refresh and impress. Initially, there is the presence of a sweet and subtle blend of blueberry – highly realistic in taste. As indicated by this disposable’s name, there is a potent edge of sourness offered by a candy-esque blue raspberry. I did pick up on a minute amount of cooling agent as you exhale. The combination of punchy, vivacious berries and a subtle iciness creates a flavour that is just so easy to vape, especially for fans of fruity flavours.


Watermelon Ice

A firm favourite of many, watermelon based disposables are probably one of the most widely vaped fruity flavours out there. This offering from GeekBar presents a perfectly executed display of just how to create the ideal melon flavoured disposable. It manages to encompass several modalities in the form of sweet and sour, whilst simultaneously including a strong iciness as a base. To me, that undertone of cooling agent amplified the sweet notes found in the watermelon, to the point of it being similar in taste to a gummy candy. As expected, this disposable was super easy to vape and will be a definite hit for sure.


Geek Juice

With a truly tropical vibe, this disposable brings together a smorgasbord of exotic tastes. Reminding me instantly of an expertly concocted mocktail, there were notes of citrus, mango, pineapple and what I thought to be apple or pear. There is a small amount of coldness to this vape, but not so much so that it damages the fruitier notes. I think the thing I enjoyed the most about this disposable was its intricately unique flavour constituents and the overall complexity that it offered.

I felt that the perfectly proportioned fruity elements were in the ideal amounts and combined to create a flavour that was deeply refreshing.


Sour Apple

Bouncy yet crisp, the apple flavourings used in this disposable closely resemble those found in sour green apple candies. Basic yet effective when it comes to the flavour ingredients chosen, it’s easy to see that sometimes simple is best. The sourness given by the tart, green apple certainly makes your tongue tingle but is then offset a little bit with a sugary sweetness that seems to circle around the more prominent notes. Even if you have never tried a sour apple flavoured vape, I feel that you would recognise it immediately with no trouble at all. With minimal iciness, that dependable fruity taste can really flourish.


Pink Lemonade

Bright and incredibly effervescent, this widely popular beverage flavour holds up flawlessly. Sweet and rather mellow notes of strawberry bring about a subtle softening effect to the sharper citrus elements. I noticed a very minute amount of cooling agent added right on the exhale, furthering the revitalising nature of this disposable. When it comes to comparing this Pink Lemonade flavour, with others I have tried, I can’t help but be impressed. There is no indication of a harsh, artificial or chemical aftertaste, allowing vapers to fully enjoy a perfectly well rounded and easy to vape disposable.


Blueberry Ice

When analysing this disposable and trying to think of exactly what to say about its direct taste, I came across a rather profound quote by Leonardo da Vinci. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – something that certainly seems to ring true with this flavour. The notes of blueberry are simultaneously sweet and tart and deliver a candy like vibe. As indicated by its name, this disposable boasts a powerful and refreshing kick of iciness throughout – ensuring a place as an all day vape. As an overall look at this flavour, I would highly recommend it to vapers that enjoy fruit and/or menthol e-liquids.


Mango Ice

In stark comparison to the previous flavour, this disposable is diverse in its complexity. The notes of the mango alone are intricate and well proportioned. Vapers will notice a combination of tastes, including ripe, juicy mango flesh, sharp green mango and a subtle fizziness to complement the more mellow notes. To round up these exotic flavours comes a biting and constant undertone of minty iciness. As someone who is rather ‘neither here nor there’ when it comes to mango vapes, I would say I was pleasantly surprised and feel that it will definitely appeal to die hard fans of tropical flavours.


Strawberry Ice

From the very first puff, I knew this is certainly one to look out for.

Including a delicious mixture of strawberry notes, this disposable brings about a candy vibe as well as a realistic edge. The notes of strawberry are sweet and well rounded with no unpleasant aftertastes or tinges. Being an icy flavour, you will be impressed by the ear-tingling effect when exhaling, giving off a bright and fresh feeling with every puff you take. The combination of incredible flavours, iciness and the use of mesh coils in these disposables, creates a deep, flavourful and unique vaping experience.


Peach Ice

Floral and aromatic, this peach flavour brings a fizzy sensation to the table, strongly reminding me of peach gummy rings. When it comes to vaping peach based flavours, I often steer clear of desserts (such as peaches and cream or peach cobbler) as I find them to be sickly, however, I really enjoy a pure, refreshing and fruity peach – and this was no exception. There were consistently bright notes throughout and despite being candy like in nature, I wasn’t overwhelmed by the sweetness in this disposable. It was crisp, clear and highly nostalgic. The choice to include a cold sensation was a good one, as it simply increased the jovial feel of the overall flavour.


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 SPECIFICATIONS:  E-liquid Capacity: 2ml  Nicotine Strength: 20mg Salt Nicotine  Puff Amount: 600+…
The post GeekBar Meloso Disposables Review appeared first on Vapouround. 

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