IGet Box Review

Orange Lime Soda

First up from IGet Box we have Orange Lime Soda. It’s definitely a unique flavour combination that I don’t think I’ve ever tried before, but I’m always up for a surprise.

After my first few puffs, the orange is definitely the most dominant of the flavours and is a great representation of the citrusy fruit, with a nice amount of juicy sweetness.

The lime is there but it lingers more in the background, adding an extra sour citrusy note to the whole affair.

The Soda aspect of the bar adds a dimension of fizziness that runs throughout the whole flavour.


Blueberry Ice

Blueberry is one of those classic flavours in the vaping world, and it’s one I’m always up for vaping.

I’ve probably tried hundreds of them over the years and there’s a surprising amount of variance between them, good and bad.

The Blueberry is exceedingly fresh and ripe tasting, with layers of sweet and tartness that really do mimic the real thing down to a tee.

The addition of the ice works well with the fruity flavour and makes the whole vape very light and refreshing.


Strawberry Watermelon Ice

Next up we have Strawberry Watermelon Ice, another flavour that’s become very popular over the past few years, especially in the disposables market.

It’s a lovely blend, with each of the two fruits holding their own whilst complimenting each other with contrasting notes of sweet and sour.

The strawberry aspect tastes extremely fresh and natural, with a lovely aroma, whilst the watermelon is a bit more subtle, gently mingling with the strawberry adding slightly sweet and tart notes to the affair.

The overall flavour is delicious and the ice behind everything keeps it chilled and soothing.


Watermelon Pineapple Lemon Ice

Last up we have some seriously strong fruity vibes, Watermelon Pineapple Lemon Ice.

I do think that the pineapple is definitely the dominant flavour, however, the lemon and watermelon definitely have a part to play, contributing different sweet and tart notes that mix wonderfully with the acidic pineapple.

This is probably the fruitiest of the flavours I’ve tried today but it’s a real masterclass in vape mixology and it’s hard to fault.


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The post IGet Box Review appeared first on Vapouround.

 Orange Lime Soda First up from IGet Box we have Orange Lime…
The post IGet Box Review appeared first on Vapouround. 

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