PAX 2 Hidden Features

The PAX 2 dry herb vaporizer may look sleek and minimal, but it definitely knows how to have fun. It has a variety of games, modes, and fun easter eggs, but each vape has its own individual set. They’re all random, so each PAX 2 feels like it has its own personality.

A few users with a limited release PAX 2 units, like the Gold or The Weeknd versions, have reported to have all the hidden features, in addition to their own fun tricks.

To see which your PAX 2 has, roll it horizontally three times. Every three rotations will change it to a new mode. This applies to all these below, except where noted. 

The short list of features

Stealth mode
Classic party mode
Party timer
Light painting
Knight Rider

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PAX 2 Hidden Features: Stealth mode

Start shaking your PAX 2 portable vaporizer and press the on button, the ‘X” will flash once and the lights will dim and glow a very soft white. Everything will function as normal, you just won’t have any feedback from the LEDs. You can turn off stealth mode by resetting the PAX.

Classic party mode

The four LEDs will run through their colors, and smoothly fade. When someone draws, the lip sensor will initiate the color change to speed up. This will keep the oven hot while you pass the PAX vaporizer around. 

Alternate party mode AKA party timer

Each of the LEDs will glow a solid color, instead of the “color wheel” effect of the classic mode. When in use, the color change will speed up to almost manic changes. Same as the classic, the oven will stay hot while you pass the vape around.


Roll the PAX 2 forward three times to enter the secret modes.



Light painting

The LEDs will turn red briefly, then turn off. As you wave the vape from side to side, the LEDs react with motion-related color changes. You can also turn the oven off in this mode by going through the normal temp change process. Turn the PAX up to its highest temperature, then press the button one more time. The lights will turn blue, indicating the heating element is turned off.


You’ll know you’re in Simon mode when just one of the LEDs is lit. Hold the PAX 2 flat, and then tilt in the direction of the lit LED. Return to flat, and all four LEDs will flash telling you you’re on to the next level. The PAX will then give you a two light sequence, which you again mimic by tilting toward the indicated directions, then returning to neutral.

Funky Town

Beat 20 levels of Simon and the PAX logo will light red, blue, green, yellow and will play a very faint tone similar to Lipps Inc.’s iconic “Funky Town”. Shake it, there it is again. Turn it off by clicking the button 5 times fast while in temperature setting mode.

Tropical Theme

Beat 40 levels of Simon and unlock the Tropical color theme for

the PAX LED logo.

Knight Rider AKA Green Mode

Roll the PAX 2 three times the opposite direction you did to access Party Mode. The LEDs go green and slide back-and-forth reminiscent of KIT from Knight Rider. 


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Your PAX 2 has a hidden personality. Have you seen it? Read on to find it.More  

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