PAX Mini vs PAX 3: Which one is best for you?

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The PAX 3 has been PAX’s flagship dry herb vaporizer for years and now with the addition of two new vapes, where does it stand? The New PAX Mini vaporizer is the one that takes a simplistic approach with minimal settings and an easy-going session that’s literally just a click away. I wouldn’t say one PAX device is best but one may suit your needs much better than the other. Let’s dive in.

PAX Mini: Pros ?

PAX 3: Pros ?


Quick heat-up time
4 preset temperatures

Easy one-button controls
Dense, high-quality vapor

Light, tasty vapor
Smartphone app compatible

Long batter life
Longer battery life

Improved 3D oven screen
Large oven

2-year warranty
10-year warranty


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Quick Summary


The PAX Mini and PAX 3 portable vaporizers are similar at heart with similar looks and the same simplistic design and one-button control. Click the button once and it’ll immediately start heating up. Each vape can perform with a variety of different grinds and prefer tight packs and short, light sips through the mouthpiece.


The PAX Mini is a simplified version of the PAX vaporizers with only a single session mode, compared to the PAX 3 and its variety of session customizations. The Mini comes with a much smaller oven and a slightly shorter build that really only noticeable when you put the two side-by-side. The PAX 3 has four preset temperature control settings, a larger oven, and a bluetooth Android / Apple iPhone smartphone app functionality.

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What is the PAX Mini?

The PAX Mini is one of two of PAX’s latest releases and showcases a simplified experience. Pack it, click, and you’re off with one optimized session setting that adjusts the temperature for you. It’s one of the easiest vapor to use today and is a great choice for light users and first timers.

What is the PAX 3?

⚠️PAX has discontinued their PAX 3 vaporizer. Check out the newly updated version, the PAX Plus vaporizer for a more advanced, streamlined experience.
Read the PAX Plus ReviewShop PAX Plus

The PAX 3 vaporizer has been PAX’s flagship vaporizer since 2016 with a suite of customizable features and a classy style.

It introduced their signature Experience Modes through its smartphone app and led the way with a stylish, easy-to-use system and consistent results. It’s a fantastic, well-rounded vape for a variety of users.

PAX Mini is slightly shorter but both are extremely pocketable

It doesn’t matter which PAX vaporizer you pick up. Both vapes excel at portability with an extremely pocketable and discreet design. The PAX Mini comes in slightly shorter than the rest but I wouldn’t say it’s any more portable than the PAX 3.

PAX Mini

Height: 3.66 in / 9.3 cm
Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm
Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm


Height 3.85 in / 9.8 cm
Width 1.22 in / 3.2cm
Depth .86 in / 2.2 cm

PAX Plus vs PAX 3 Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

PAX Mini








Session Settings

One optimized session

Four Preset Temperatures

Oven Size


0 3 – 0.5g

Heat Up Time

20 to 30 Seconds

30 to 40 Seconds

Battery Life

90 Minutes

90 Minutes

Charge Time

2-3 Hours

1.5 hours

Smartphone App



Haptic Feedback




2-year warranty

10-year Warranty

Bottom line
Get the PAX 3 if you want extensiv custimzation and a little better battery performance. Get the PAX Mini if you want a simplified experience with no extra settings to worry about.

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PAX Mini has a miniature oven

The PAX Mini gains its miniature title from its slightly shorter build and reduced oven size that cuts its capacity down by nearly half. On the other hand, the PAX 3 utilizes a full sized, half gram PAX oven. Because PAX dry herb vapes need a tight pack, you’ll want to pack as much as you can so if you lean towards lighter use, you’ll want to check out the PAX Mini, and vice versa, however the PAX 3’s oven can be shrunken down with the PAX half-Pack Oven Lid.

Oven sizes

PAX 3: 0.3 – 0.5g
PAX Mini: 0.17g


PAX 3 oven on the left. PAX Mini oven on the right.


Biggest differences: Session settings

Different session settings cater to different types of users so pay close attention and see which one fits your style better.

PAX 3: Variable temperature

The PAX 3 has the deepest customization and session versatility of the bunch. It comes with four preset temperature settings, from low and cool to hot and potent. Access the bluetooth smartphone app and adjust these preset settings down to a single degree or choose between PAX’s four signature experience modes.

If you want the freedom to customize your sessions, the PAX 3 is the best choice.

PAX Mini: One optimized session

The PAX Mini takes a minimalistic approach with just a single session, ready to go with just a single click. This session starts off cool but then fluctuates depending on your draw style. For example, draw hard and fast and the PAX Mini will raise the temperature to keep up. Take slow, easy-going sips for a more consistent session throughout.

If a simplistic session with little input from you is what you’re looking for, the PAX Mini does it best.

Excellent vapor quality for different uses

Both vaporizers produce effective vapor but do so with different users in mind.

PAX 3 vapor covers the full spectrum

The PAX 3 comes with a massive oven and enough tech to produce high-quality vapor at a variety of temperatures. Low-temperature sessions are full of flavor and warm, gentle vapor while the higher settings provide dense vapor production and pack a thick punch. The four Experience Modes through the smartphone app provide a mix of low and high temperature settings in one sitting if you want a full spectrum session.

PAX Mini is rich and flavorful

The PAX Mini takes an easier approach with a smaller oven and one session setting that produces tasty and surprisingly punchy vapor. It starts off low and cool and adjusts itself to your draw style. Take advantage of the tight airflow and give it light sips for cooler, tastier vapor. To ramp it up a bit, take longer and slower draws to thicken up the experience.

PAX 3 has more extra features

There are also a few slight differences in their feature set, apart from the sessions.

Shake to confirm selection: PAX 3 only

Cycle through each mode on the PAX 3 and either ‘click’ or give it a shake to confirm your selection. The PAX Mini doesn’t have this.

Shake to check battery level: Both

Give the vaporizer a shake to check the battery level on both the PAX 3 and the Mini. The lights will light up white with the number of petals to indicate its current charge.

Haptic feedback: PAX 3 only

The PAX 3 has three different vibrations. A long initial vibration when you turn it on, a quick double-tap vibration when it’s ready to vape, and a short, single vibration when you turn it off. The Mini also doesn’t have this so make sure you’re paying attention or you might miss your session!

Standby mode: Both

If you don’t take a hit after a minute during your session, both the 3 and Mini will enter standby mode to preserve your herbs, and re-engage as soon as you pick them back up.

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Battery and heat up times

Out of the entire PAX lineup, these two vapes have the best showing in both battery capacity and heat up performance.

PAX Mini heat up the fastest

The PAX Mini has the fastest heat up of the PAX vapes with hits ready to go in 20 to 30 seconds. A smaller oven and lower starting temperatures keeps wait times short and sweet.

Heat up times

PAX Mini: 20 to 30 seconds
PAX 3: 30 to 40 seconds

PAX 3 has the best battery

Battery performance also outshines the rest with the PAX 3 and PAX Mini, with the PAX 3 showcasing it the best. It averages around 90 minutes of runtime with the PAX Mini averaging just 10 minutes less.

Battery life

PAX Mini: 80 minutes
PAX 3: 90 minutes

Which one is the best?

The PAX 3 is better for fine-tuning your sessions

⚠️PAX has discontinued their PAX 3 vaporizer. Check out the newly updated version, the PAX Plus vaporizer for a more advanced, streamlined experience.
Read the PAX Plus ReviewShop PAX Plus

The PAX 3 reigns supreme in customizations and features. Enjoy sessions at different temperatures or dive deeper and customize your sessions to fit your own unique style and preferences through the smartphone app.

The PAX Mini is better for a simple, no-fuss experience

The PAX Mini is a unique vaporizer. It largely focuses on ease of use and is specifically designed to provide the easiest session with no extra heat settings or options to worry about. Simply pack it and click it and you’re off. This is one of the first vapes I recommend if you want to vaporize with very minimal effort.

Consider the PAX Plus

PAX Labs also released the PAX Plus which takes their signature Experience Modes and makes it the standard across their session settings. Instead of preset temperatures, each setting provides a tailored experience ranging from flavor-dominant sessions to cloud-heavy experiences. The best part is you don’t need a smartphone app to access them. They’re built right into the PAX Plus and are just a few clicks away.

?Read PAX Plus Review 

The PAX 3 has been PAX’s flagship dry herb vaporizer for years and now with the addition of two new vapes, where does it stand? More  

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