PAX Plus vs PAX 3: How do they stack up?

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Quick summary
What is the PAX Plus?
What is the PAX 3?
Same exact size
Both have the same-sized oven – half a gram!
Different session settings
PAX 3 has a smartphone app
Strong vapor with different approaches
Both share additional features
Both heat up in around 30 seconds
PAX 3’s battery lasts longer
PAX Plus is easier to clean
What accessories do the PAX Plus and PAX 3 come with?
Different price, same warranty
Which vaporizer should you buy?
What about the PAX 2 and PAX Mini?

How does the latest PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer stack up against the tried-and-true PAX 3? Is it a step forward or a step backwards? They look and feel the same but have slight differences that may sway your decision.

PAX Plus vs PAX 3: Preset experience modes or precise control?

PAX Plus: Pros 👍

PAX 3: Pros 👍


Fast heat-up time
Fast heat-up time

Thick, punchy vapor
Dense, high-quality vapor

Preset Experience Modes
Smartphone app available

Easier to clean
Longer battery life

Large oven
Large oven

10-year warranty
10-year warranty

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Quick Summary


The PAX Plus and PAX 3 are identical twins on the outside. They perform well with both dry herbs and concentrates and come with similar accessories, but are uniquely different on the inside. They’re the same shape and size and utilize similar tech, but approach the session in different ways.


The real differences lie in the tech and features. The PAX Plus comes set with four Experience Modes and nothing else. The PAX 3 has four settings, each set at specific temperatures, but also has access to the Experience Modes, and more, through its smartphone app.

Technical Specifications

PAX Plus








Session Settings

Four Experience Modes

Four Preset Temperatures

Oven Size

0 3 – 0.5g

0 3 – 0.5g

Heat Up Time

30 to 40 Seconds

30 to 40 Seconds

Battery Life

75 Minutes

90 Minutes

Charge Time

2-3 Hours

1.5 hours

Smartphone App



Haptic Feedback




10-year warranty

10-year Warranty

Bottom line
Get the PAX 3 if you want all the bells and whistles and a little better battery performance. Get the PAX Plus if you want the latest gear and want tailored sessions without too many settings to mess with.

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What is the PAX Plus?

PAX vaporizers are considered the Apple products of the vaping world, and the Plus is one of the latest products from PAX Labs. It puts signature Experience Modes front and center with a simple, single-button setup.

Choose your experience and ride the PAX wave through a uniquely tailored session. It’s a great choice for users that want an easy-to-use vaporizer with minimal settings to tweak.

PAX Plus in Onyx.

What is the PAX 3?

The PAX 3 vaporizer has been PAX’s flagship vaporizer since 2016 and pushed the envelope with rich features and a stylish approach.

It introduced their signature Experience Modes through its smartphone app and led the way with a classy, easy-to-use system and consistent results. It’s a fantastic, well-rounded vape for a variety of users.

PAX 3 in Sand.

Same exact size

The PAX Plus and PAX 3 are the same exact vaporizer on the outside. They’re both highly portable, highly pocketable vapes and weigh about the same. Without turning them around and reading their labels, you wouldn’t know which vaporizer is which.

PAX Plus dimensions:

Height: 3.85 in / 9.8 cm

Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm

Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm

Weight: 3.21 oz / 91 g

PAX 3 dimensions:

Height: 3.85 in / 9.8 cm

Width: 1.22 in / 3.2cm

Depth: .86 in / 2.2 cm

Weight: 3.35 oz / 95 g

Both have the same-sized oven – half a gram!

Pick up either the PAX Plus or PAX 3 and pack a whopping half-gram of ground herbs to fuel your sessions. These vapes come with the same oven sizes but slightly different oven screens that make the Plus a little easier to clean (we’ll touch on that later).

You can also shrink both ovens down by half with the half-pack oven lid so you’ll be happy whether you’re a light or heavy user.

Left: PAX Plus oven. Right: PAX 3 oven.

PAX Plus vs PAX 3: Different session settings

All of their differences lie within the sessions. The PAX 3 is no stranger to PAX’s signature Experience Modes, but you can only access them through the smartphone app. Without it, you’re set with four preset vaping settings, programmed to specific temperatures.

PAX 3 has preset temperatures

The PAX 3 comes with four sessions settings:

Setting 1 (one lit petal) – 360ºF (182ºC)

Setting 2 (two lit petals) – 380°F (193°C)

Setting 3 (three lit petals) – 400°F (204°C)

Setting 4 (four lit petals) – 420ºF (216ºC)

With the smartphone app, you can dial each setting to a specific temperature of your choosing and access the four Experience Modes. We’ll cover the app a little later.

Temperature setting 4 on the PAX 3.

PAX Plus has Experience Modes only

The PAX Plus comes loaded with four preset Experience Modes only and nothing else. Whether you want cool and tasty or thick and potent, each one starts on the lower end and gradually crescendos to the end of the session. Each one sets its own session “journey” that does the work for you.

Here’s what each Experience Mode is all about:

Stealth mode (one lit petal): starts at 360°F / 182°C and dims the lit petals. Visible vapor is minimal to keep things inconspicuous.

Efficiency mode (two lit petals): Extended session that starts out light and tasty but finishes strong for a slow, relaxed session.

Flavor mode (three lit petals): Prioritizes flavor with a combination of strong, tasty hits and solid vapor production.

Boost mode (four lit petals): Maximizes extraction with higher temperatures and dense vapor. Also suitable for concentrates.

If you want the Experience Modes on the PAX 3, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops and access them through the smartphone app.

Boost Mode on the PAX Plus.

PAX 3 has a smartphone app

**On November 15th, 2019, Apple removed all vaporizing apps from its store, including this PAX app. PAX has since created a simple solution for all Apple/iOS users. Check it out here.**

The Bluetooth smartphone app for the PAX 3 grants users a plethora of useful customizations from light and haptic settings to session modes and precise temperature adjustments.

On top of the four Experience Modes, you’ll have access to a suite of features and customizations. Change the temperature in one-degree increments, lock the device, and customize the lights and haptic feedback to your liking.

PAX 3 smartphone app features

Experience modes



Precise temperature control
Lock device
Light and haptic settings

Strong vapor with different approaches

Each vaporizer produces rich, tasty vapor that slowly trails off as your session progresses. However, each one has a different approach.

PAX Plus uses tailored experiences

Sessions from the PAX Plus start at one temperature and gradually rise to deliver a full experience. For example, Flavor Mode starts low and slightly fluctuates to produce the tastiest vapor, while Boost Mode starts hot and ends strong with the thickest vapor. So flavor and cloud production will fluctuate depending on the Experience Mode you choose.

PAX 3 has preset temperatures

Out of the box, the PAX 3’s preset temperatures cover light, tasty hits, thick vapor, and everything in between. The first two settings produce softer hits with an emphasis on flavor while the last two settings are warm and thick from the get-go. Jump around each temperature to create your own Experience Mode!

Both share additional features

Both vaporizers share additional features like haptic feedback, standby mode, and more.

Shake to confirm selection

Cycle through each mode and either ‘click’ or give it a shake to confirm your selection.

Shake to check battery level

Give the vaporizer a shake to check the battery level on both the PAX Plus and PAX 3. The lights will light up white with the number of petals to indicate its current charge.

Haptic feedback

Both vapes have three different vibrations. A long initial vibration when you turn it on, a quick double-tap vibration when it’s ready to vape, and a short, single vibration when you turn it off.

Standby mode

If you don’t take a hit after 30 seconds during your session, the lights will turn blue and the vape will enter standby mode to preserve your herbs, and re-engage as soon as you pick it back up.

Both heat up in around 30 seconds

The PAX Plus and PAX 3 have some of the fastest heat-up times on the market. Click it on once and they’re ready to go in around 30 seconds. It’s so fast you might miss it so make sure you’re paying attention!

PAX 3’s battery lasts longer

Battery life on the PAX Plus falls a little behind the PAX 3. Its fluctuating temperatures is more demanding on the battery and averages around 75 minutes of runtime. Not a bad showing, however, the PAX 3 doesn’t have to work as hard with steady temperatures so it edges it out at 90 minutes on a single charge.

Battery life

PAX Plus: 75 minutes
PAX 3: 90 minutes

Charge time

PAX Plus: 2 – 3 hours
PAX 3: 1.5 hours

PAX Plus is easier to clean

Another highlight of the PAX Plus is the updated 3D oven screens. These new screens come with a slight flair around the edges to make it much easier to remove and clean up. Just press down along the edge to dislodge it.

The PAX 3’s oven screens are completely flat and harder to clean or replace. It’s a pain to remove directly from the oven, and almost impossible if it’s dirty and sticky. Instead, you’ll need to remove the silicone mouthpiece from the top and poke the screen out through the vapor tube.

This is a small change that makes a huge difference in the long run.

Left: PAX Plus 3D oven screen. Right: PAX 3 Standard oven screen.

What accessories do the PAX Plus and PAX 3 come with?

The PAX Plus is available as one, complete package. The PAX 3 Complete Kit comes with about the same accessories.

PAX Plus Accessories

PAX 3 Accessories (Complete Kit)

PAX Plus Vaporizer

PAX 3 Vaporizer

Charging Dock

Charging Dock

Flat Mouthpiece

Flat Mouthpiece

Raised Mouthpiece

Raised Mouthpiece

Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Kit

Standard Oven Lid

Standard Oven Lid

Half-pack Oven Lid

Half-Pack Oven Lid

Dry Concentrate Insert

Dry Concentrate Insert

Extra 3D Oven Screens

Extra Standard Oven Screens

Multi Tool

Multi Tool


Top: PAX 3 box contents. Bottom: PAX Plus box contents.

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Different price, same warranty

The PAX Plus enters at $250 and is a complete vape kit with useful accessories. Currently, the PAX 3 is only available in its Complete Kit and is $50 less than the Plus at $199.

Both come with a 10-year warranty.

Which vaporizer should you buy?

Get the PAX 3 if you want more control

As Jerry Stickstones says, the PAX 3 is great if you like more of a “manual transmission” approach. It has more customizations to play with if you don’t like the preset temperatures, want to dim the lights, or adjust the haptic feedback. If precise temperature control is a must-have, this is the vape to go for.

Get the PAX Plus if you want more vaping options

If you want a streamlined experience and don’t care for the extra bells and whistles, the PAX Plus pumps out great sessions with zero work from you. Its preset Experience Modes provide a tailored experience, whether you’re a light or an experienced user, and are only a few clicks away.

What about the PAX 2 and PAX Mini?

PAX Plus vs PAX 2

The PAX Plus is a decent upgrade from the PAX 2. It comes with a full set of useful accessories and more dynamic sessions that you can’t access with the PAX 2. The Plus’s oven is slightly larger and its battery lasts a little longer but that’s really it.

PAX 3 vs PAX 2

The PAX 2 and PAX 3 are very similar, with the same preset settings and great battery life. The PAX 3 sees improvements on the PAX 2 with a faster heat-up time, a smartphone app, and the option for concentrates.

The biggest difference here is the price and the PAX 3’s extra features.

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PAX Plus vs PAX Mini

If you consider yourself a lighter user and don’t need a whole lot of vapor to get going, the PAX Mini may be the perfect vape for you. It’s downright simple with a click-it-and-rip-it setup that starts off light, has a smaller oven, and will adjust the temperature according to your draw style.

Otherwise, the PAX Plus has more diverse sessions that will satisfy most users.

👉 Read PAX Plus vs PAX Mini

PAX 3 vs PAX Mini

If you need something simple and brainless, the PAX Mini is it. A single click is all it takes and it’ll take care of the rest with a system that adjusts the temperature to your unique draw style. The oven is smaller and the sessions start a little cooler but provides a well-rounded vaping experience with a focus on simplicity.

Besides that, the PAX 3 is made to cater to multiple types of users with a larger oven and multiple session settings. It just takes an extra step or two to get there.

How does the latest PAX Plus dry herb vaporizer stack up against the tried-and-true PAX 3? Let’s find out.More  

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