Planet of the Vapes ONE Cleaning Guide

At some point your Planet of the Vapes ONE will need a deep cleaning. Luckily, it’s an easy process that shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes. You’ll need a glass, isopropyl alcohol, a couple alcohol pads, your ONE dry herb vaporizer, and all the parts.

POTV ONE Clean up: Quick summary

Disassemble mouthpieces, remove screens from blue gaskets
Soak glass pieces, dosing capsules, mesh pads, metal screens and packing tool in isopropyl alcohol
Rinse and dry all the pieces
Wipe down ONE loading area and bowl with alcohol wipe
Reassemble the mouthpieces

Soak the glass and screens

You can safely clean all of the glass pieces for the accessory attachment with isopropyl alcohol after removing them from the attachment. The straight glass stem, bent glass stem, and water pipe adapter can be soaked in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, along with the dosing capsules, mesh pads, packing tool, and metal screens, after they’ve been removed from the blue silicone gasket. Once everything looks clean, rinse well with water and dry thoroughly before use.


The glass pieces: water pipe adapter, curved bubbler, straight bubbler, straight glass mouthpiece, curved glass mouthpiece.


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Clean the mini bubblers

If you have the curved or classic mini bubblers, we recommend cleaning them a little more often than you might be used to with larger glass pieces. Start by removing them from the accessory attachment, then hold them over the sink and blow gently to expel the water. Pour in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, let it settle into the bubbler, then shake it to clean out the inside. Once it looks clean, run plenty of water through it, and blow through the top to flush it until there’s no alcohol smell left, then dry thoroughly.

Wipe down the rest

Hold the ONE upside down so the alcohol doesn’t drip down into the heater, and use the alcohol pads to gently scrub the ONE’s loading area and inside the bowl. Use the alcohol pads to also it to wipe down the plastic mouthpiece parts and blue silicone gaskets. The standard mouthpiece has a wide glass tube inside you can wipe clean with the alcohol pads. The Accessory Attachment can be wiped with an alcohol pad, and pay close attention to the area above the blue silicone gasket, where residues can build up.

The o-rings inside the Accessory Attachment don’t come out. They should stay clean by themselves, but if they get dirty just wipe them down with an alcohol pad. A word of warning: if you try to pry them out, you can ruin the Accessory Attachment.


Wipe down the loading area and inside the bowl.

Finishing up

Once all the clean pieces are dry, it’s time to put it back together. Put the screens back in the blue silicone gaskets, and put the gaskets back in the mouthpieces. Put one of the mouthpieces on the ONE and run a burn off session, since you cleaned the oven with alcohol. Turn on the ONE, set it to 430°F (221°C), and let it run until it turns off, or until the alcohol smell is gone.

Now it’s time to reward your efforts with a tasty session on your clean-as-new ONE!

It’s quick and easy to clean your Planet of the Vapes ONE to like new conditionMore  

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