The Best Convection Vaporizers 2023

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What is a convection vaporizer?
Portable options
Desktop options
Benefits of a convection vaporizer, and the downsides
Pros & cons of convection vapes
How do conduction and hybrid vaporizers work?
How do convection vaporizers work?
Are convection vapes for you?

If you’re in the market for a convection vaporizer, look no further – our top picks are right here. Don’t worry if you’re new to vaporizing. We’ll also tell you what a convection vape is, and why you should consider choosing one.

What is a convection vaporizer?

There are three types of heating methods for today’s dry herb vaporizers – convection, conduction, and both (hybrids). Convection vaporizers are tastier and more efficient because they only heat your herbs while you hit the vape. They don’t cook between draws, and nothing is wasted, but it takes a lot of battery power to repeatedly heat up on-demand.

Best portable convection vapes

At one point in time, convection vaporizers were exclusive only to desktop options, but today, a handful of options are at your disposal.


With the release of the POTV XMAX V3 Pro, full convection, portable vaporizers are now available at a budget-friendly price point. Along with a full convection oven, this vaporizer sports both a session and on-demand mode. Load up with session mode and enjoy a bowl in one sitting. If you only want a hit or two, switch to on-demand mode and take a few hits throughout your day as you please. With our signature Accessory Attachment and glass accessories, a removable 18650 battery, and a highly portable form factor, it’s hard to find fault with the POTV XMAX V3 Pro. 

XMAX V3 Pro Review


Firefly 2+

Firefly has been one of the top names in the industry for quite some time, and their latest Firefly 2+ proves why. Its convection tech delivers some of the best flavor in a portable dry herb vape and does so in a discreet, pocketable form, with quality materials and a pure vapor path. It fires up instantly, so take a few hits, throw it in your pocket, and come back to it later with no waste. The downsides are a restrictive air flow and inconsistency. It can be finicky at times to dial in that perfect session. If you prize flavor and portability in your convection vape, and don’t need to plow through a ton of herbs, the Firefly 2+ is a promising option. 

Firefly 2+ Review

Sticky Brick Junior

The Sticky Brick lineup provides a versatile vaping experience in a number of shapes and sizes. These butane powered vaporizers can produce fat, flavorful vapor within seconds of inhaling, and with just about any load size. If you only want a couple puffs, Sticky Bricks are perfect. The on-demand style doesn’t waste anything between hits. The only downside here is its manual controls. If you don’t mind wielding a torch, the Sticky Brick Junior’s pocketable size and fat hits make it a solid choice for the traveling vaporist. 

Take a look at the Flip Brick for a Sticky Brick option you can use on your favorite water pipe bubbler!

Sticky Bricks Review

Boundless CFV & Tera

The Boundless CFV and Tera provide flavorful hits with full convection heating systems at a reasonable price. They’re a little different than other convection vapes, though. The CFV and Tera are session vapes, instead of on-demand, meaning the heater stays on between hits, but doesn’t heat the herbs until you draw.

Boundless CFV Review

Both vapes sport the same robust heater, built for heavy users that tend to draw hard. Because of their session style, they’re consistent and very simple to use with only three buttons, one for on/off and two for precise temperature control.

The CFV is a great option if you want to throw it in a bag or purse for easy traveling, and is the cheapest option on the list. The Tera kicks it up a notch and draws power from two user-replaceable 18650 batteries. It’s the best choice for long sessions at home or passing around a group of friends. The Tera is a beefy vaporizer, so don’t expect it to slip into your back pocket.

Boundless Tera Review

Tafée Bowle

On the opposite end of the pricing spectrum is the Tafée Bowle, and with it comes some of the best performance we’ve experienced from a portable vaporizer. This vaporizer produces rich, tasty vapor in a dense, cloudy fog, all within seconds of firing. It’s quick, effective, and as smooth as a swig of your favorite beverage. If you’re in the market for the pinnacle of connoisseurship, and your budget can handle it, the Tafée Bowle is the only worthy option. Don’t get hung up on the cup – this is a world class vaporizer!

Tafée Bowle Review

Best desktop convection vapes

Arizer XQ2

The Arizer XQ2 is one of the best vaporizer deals on the market. Improved upon its predecessor, the Extreme Q, the XQ2 comes with better functionality and all the bells and whistles. Power on and set the temperature from across the room with the included remote, then attach the whip and enjoy hookah-style sessions, or blow up a bag and pass around with friends. With precise temperature controls, macro and microdose bowls, and much more, the XQ2 is the full package at a great price point. If you’re looking for a stripped down version at a cheaper price, check out the Arizer V Tower.

Arizer XQ2 Review


The Ditanium is one of the hardest hitting vaporizers we offer here at Planet of the Vapes. Its high quality materials maintain the purity of each hit and keep the vapor production strong and flavorful. The whip is easy to share with friends and is great for relaxing sessions. The Ditanium excels with dry herbs, and even does traditional concentrate sessions, but unlike most vapes on the market, it can knock you out with both at the same time. If you want a desktop option that covers all of your vaping needs, the Ditanium is a great choice.

Ditanium Review

EpicVape NXT E-Nano

The EpicVape NXT E-Nano doesn’t look like much, but its simple convection heating can pump out full, flavorful hits with ease. The E-Nano’s log-style build is pleasing to the eye, without drawing too much attention on a desk or atop a shelf. What makes this vaporizer stand out is its all glass air path and level of efficiency with large and small loads. It can keep up with loads as big as 0.25 grams and as little as 0.015 grams! The E-Nano is a solid convection option for those looking for superior efficiency.

EpicVape E-Nano Review

Volcano Classic

The Volcano Classic has been on the market for two decades, and is still one of the best vaporizers on the market. Once it’s heated up, a full bag is ready to go in 30 seconds. From there, you can take it around the house or pass it among a group of friends. Its massive bowl can keep up with the heaviest of hitters, and power large groups. With two buttons and a temperature control knob, the Volcano Classic is also one of the simplest vaporizers to use. Turn it on, attach the bag, and blow it up! The Volcano’s easy valve system won’t leak between hits, so relax and take your time with each session.

Volcano Classic Review

Benefits of a convection vaporizer, and the downsides

Simply put, pure convection vaporizers are more efficient and produce tastier vapor than other types of heating (we’ll get to those below). That delicious efficiency comes at a cost, though. Convection vaporizers are typically harder to control, use up a lot of battery life, and are more expensive.

There are very few pure convection portable vaporizers, and most are made in small batches by artisan manufacturers. The ones listed above represent the mass-market options that are readily available.

Pros & cons of convection vapes

Pros ?

Cons ?

Superior flavor
Fantastic efficiency

Can be inconsistent
Taxing on the battery (for portables)
Some technique usually required

Bottom line

If you prize flavor and efficiency above all, convection vaporizers are the way to go. If not, consider a vape with either conduction or hybrid heating.



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How do conduction and hybrid vaporizers work?

Conduction vaporizers are like a mini-oven that’s on for a full session, whether you hit it or not. Your herbs cook between hits, making it impossible to take just a couple hits and come back later without some waste and loss of taste. But there are lots of positives to conduction vapes, like the POTV Starry or Davinci IQC. They’re typically less expensive, more consistent, and easier to use. They’re also better for people with weaker lungs or sensitive throats, creating the best vapor with gentle sips.

The majority of vaporizers today fall into the hybrid category. These vapes preheat the herbs to a lower temperature setting, and heat the incoming air at a higher temperature to finish it off during your draw. Hybrid vapes like the Mighty/Crafty or POTV ONE have become wildly popular because they are consistent and easy to use, and fully extract everything from your herbs in less time. When it comes to taste, efficiency, and other metrics, hybrid vapes tend to fall in line somewhere in the middle, as they combine the pros and cons of the other heaters.

How do convection vaporizers work?

Let’s get techie for a minute. Convection vaporizers fully separate the heating element from the bowl and your herbs don’t cook between hits. The heater is located next to the bowl, but only sends hot air to your herbs as you hit the vape. It never comes in direct contact with the bowl or your herbs. This adds an unpredictable variable for engineers to conquer – your draw speed. Slower draws can dump more heat into the incoming air stream and into your herbs, for fuller hits and quicker extraction. Faster draws can overwhelm the heater and lead to weaker hits. This is generally true for portable convection vaporizers, and is why they can be finicky, while some desktop vapes have the draw resistance and power to handle massive draws.

Most desktop vaporizers use convection heating, and they have all the power they need from the wall. Direct draw vapes that have whips or mouthpieces like the E-nano and Ditanium have a bowl that you remove from the heat source between hits. If you have the space for a desktop and it’s parts, the vapor quality is on another level compared to portable vapes.

Conclusion: Are convection vapes for you?

If you prize flavor and/or efficiency in a portable vape, then you need to look strongly at the few convection vapes out there. The vapor rewards are great if you can get past any learning curves and inconsistencies. If price range and ease of use are your priorities, or you have weaker lungs or an irritated throat, a conduction or hybrid vape might suit you better.

If you’re in the market for a desktop vape, it will probably be a convection vape unless you get the Storz & Bickel Hybrid Volcano vaporizer. A lot of vaporists prefer desktops once they’ve used one, thanks to the amazing hits. They usually have bigger heating chamber than portable vapes, no charger, and appeal to the more serious users.

Every vaporizer that we sell is backed by a manufacturer warranty, and is also covered by our unique 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Here’s our top convection vapes of 2023, plus what a convection vape is and why you should consider one.More  

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