Tinymight Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

The Tinymight portable vaporizer may be one of the best, most advanced dry herb vaporizers on the market, but it’s not safe from sticky buildup and will need a thorough cleaning at some point, but don’t worry. It only requires a few easy steps. This rundown will dive into how to clean the Tinymight 2, but also applies to the original Tinymight vaporizer, so grab your vape and let’s get into it.

How to clean the Tinymight vaporizer: Quick summary

Disassemble the cooling unit
(Optional) Disassemble the stem chamber
Soak, rinse, and dry
Run a burnoff

Remove the stem and disassemble it.

Take the glass stem mouthpiece and push the cooling unit out with the included stir tool or a skewer/screwdriver if you need something longer.

The cooling unit is made up of two pieces with a few nuts and washers inside. Take the unit and unscrew the two pieces to separate them and remove the three nuts and two washers. This is where the vapor travels through so it may be a little sticky depending on how dirty it is.

Remove the two red o-rings and set them aside.Note: If the cooling unit vapor path is too sticky with buildup to take apart, just remove the o-rings and let it sit in some rubbing alcohol or soapy warm water for a bit to loosen it up and then try again.

(Optional) Disassemble the stem chamber

Depending on how dirty your vape is, you may or may not want to soak the stem chamber – the main oven and where you insert the stem. I’ll show you how to do it, but I’ll let you decide if it’s necessary or not.

There’s a small lip where you insert the stem. Pinch it with your fingers and unscrew it counterclockwise. It may take a little strength to loosen it but it’ll come off.

Remove the metal ring and you’ll see a large red gasket ring. Remove that and take out the metal cylinder and screen below.

Soak, rinse, and set out to dry

We recommend soaking your pieces in rubbing/isopropyl alcohol or warm soapy water. Take all of the pieces of the cooling unit, except the o-rings, and throw them in your cleaning solution to soak for a few hours. If you’re cleaning the stem chamber, throw the metal cylinder and screen in there too.

After a couple hours, remove the pieces, give them a thorough rinse with water, and set them out to dry. Once they are, take a brush and clear out anything still stuck on screen of the cooling unit and the bigger chamber stem screen.

Put it back together

Now we’ll put everything back together exactly the way it was, starting with the cooling unit.

Take the nuts and washers and put them in the following order onto the threading of the cooling unit:

Nut, washer, nut, washer, nut

Then, sandwich the pieces between the two halves of the cooling and screw them together until it’s nice and tight. Put the two small o-rings back into place and then it’s good to go.

If you cleaned the stem chamber, place the metal cylinder inside with the screen down, place the large seal ring on top, and then screw it in place with the metal ring but not too tight.

Run a burnoff to finish up

We’ll run a quick burnoff for one final cleanse and to tie up this deep cleaning. Turn your Tinymight on into session mode (triple click and hold unit it vibrates) and set the dial to nine. 10 on the dial puts the vape into on-demand mode so keep it at nine so you don’t have to hold it in. Click it once to fire it up and let it run until it’s finished. And that’s it!

Conclusion: Tips for a cleaner Tinymight

A deep cleaning will always be necessary at some point, but if you want to keep your Tinymight cleaner for longer, brush out the oven after each session. A lot of buildup occurs as the vape is cooling down with dry herbs still inside the stem so make this a habit to save yourself some time in the long run.

The Tinymight portable vaporizer may be one of the best portable vaporizers but it’s not safe from sticky buildup…More  

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