Top Vaporizers 2023: Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

If you just searched for the best dry herb vape pen, what you want probably doesn’t exist yet. Today’s dry herb vapes aren’t as small or potent as concentrate pen vaporizers. Instead, they’re bigger, require more power, and need more insulation to handle all the heat. Chances are, if you find an electric dry herb vaporizer the size of a pen, it will disappoint. Here, we’ve rounded up the smallest vaporizers we carry, to bring you the closest thing to a dry herb pen you can find. You don’t have to weed out the duds – we already did that for you!

What is a dry herb vaporizer pen?

A pen shaped vaporizer – but what does it vaporize? You may have seen a friend pull a pen-sized vaporizer out of their pocket and thought “that would be great for my dry herbs!” Today’s pen-sized vaporizers are fantastic with concentrates, but not so good with dry herbs. Concentrate vaporizers have tiny heaters that are only on for a few seconds. Dry herb vaporizers have bigger heaters that are on for minutes at a time, so they need a bigger form-factor to insulate all that heat. Every pen-sized vaporizer we’ve tested suffers from harsh vapor, or burns the herbs.

How to use a dry herb vape pen

For the best results with your dry herb vape pen, we recommend a fine grind and a tight pack. A two piece grinder works best, but you can also flip your three or four piece grinder upside down for a finer consistency. Fill your vaporizer to the top and press it down firmly. You want the load to line up with the edge of the oven, so top it off as needed and tamp it down. When you’re ready to hit it, give it short, gentle puffs, like you’re sipping on hot tea or a cigar. Conduction vapes perform their best the longer they sit and heat up, so give it at least 10 seconds in between each draw.

How to clean a dry herb vape pen

Dry herb vapes pens are very simple to clean and maintain. Take a cleaning brush and clear out the oven of any spent material. Then, dip a cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and wipe the oven clean of any sticky residue, as well as any gunk under the mouthpiece. After that, throw the mouthpiece back on and run a burnoff on the highest setting, and that’s it! For a more in-depth rundown on cleaning for a specific vape, be sure to check out all of our cleaning guides!

Why you should choose a dry herb vape

Vaporizing is, hands down, the best method for consuming dry herbs. Because you’re not burning your material, it’s easier on your throat and doesn’t expose you to harsh chemicals and carcinogens that are found with smoking. Vaporizing’s lower temperatures also makes it much more efficient. Instead of burning everything all at once, it slowly cooks and releases a broader spectrum of terpenes that are usually lost when combusting.

The most obvious benefits are their convenient form factor and discretion. Dry herb vape pens can be thrown in your bag or purse for easy travel, and don’t look too out of place on a desk or table at home. They allow you to cut your sessions short and come back to them later when it’s most convenient for you, without any hot bowls or lighters. Vapor also doesn’t linger or stick to clothes like smoke does. The smell from even the heaviest sessions will be gone within 10 or 15 minutes of finishing up.

What to expect from a dry herb vape pen

If you get your dry herb vaporizer pen from Planet of the Vapes, you can expect a good vaporizer that’s shaped like a pen, but sized more like a cigar. The Flowermate Slick, POTV XMAX V3 Pro, and the Focus Pro all have removable batteries, temperature control, and a cigar-size and shape.


POTV’s Recommendations


The POTV XMAX V3 Pro vaporizer is a strong, budget-friendly convection vaporizer that’s easy to use and offers a wide assortment of accessories. Multiple vaping modes, potent clouds, and irresistible features like replaceable batteries, precise temperature control, and haptic feedback are packed into this vape pen for a unique, effective option that’ll slip just about any small bag or purse. And with our signature Accessory Attachment, glass stems and bubblers are ready to cool your vapor.

Flowermate Slick

The Slick is the latest cigar-sized vaporizer to make the Planet of the Vapes catalog. It has fewer features than our other cigar-sized vapes, but hits the basics really well, with the tastiest vapor of the bunch. It also looks newer than the others, with a shiny carbon-fiber shell, magnetic cap, and glass mouthpiece.

Focus Pro

The Focus Pro is our full-featured model. It has it all: a screw-on glass mouthpiece, digital temperature control, a battery meter, five color options, and a removable battery. It costs $20 more than the other options here, and the vapor feels a tad drier in side-by-side comparisons.

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Other options

If you just want a dry herb vape that’s small and don’t care about the pen shape, we’ve got some options for you there, as well. The PAX 3 and POTV ONE vaporizers are easily pocketable, with plenty of features. The Boundless CFC Lite is shorter than a pen, but stubbier. The Arizer Argo is a fantastic vaporizer, fits in any pocket, and has the best taste of the bunch.

If you want to really stand out, the next time your friend uses a vape pen, show them your DynaVap M. Shiny, sparkly, and smaller than their vape pen – it heats with a pocket-sized torch lighter! Be careful, though, as the variety of DynaVap options can quickly take you from one vape, to a collection of them.

One exception

We’d be remiss to not mention the Grasshopper vaporizer (Hopper io) here. It nails the pen form-factor and vaporizes dry herbs. However, the upper half of the temperature scale gets harsh, the mouthpiece gets hot, reliability has been an issue, and it’s expensive. It’s an aggressive project we’d love to see succeed, so we’re keeping an eye on them for you.

We’ve rounded up the smallest vaporizers we carry, to bring you the closest thing to a dry herb vape pen.More  

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