Vapman Quickstart Guide

The Vapman dry herb vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers to pull you in closer to your herbal blends and its vaping experience. Join us as we explore each step of this mindful ritual.

Vapman quickstart guide: quick summary

Set the flame
Grind your herbs
Load the oven
Heat it
Hit it

What’s in the box

1 x Vapman vape
1 x Storage egg
1 x Butane torch lighter
1 x Stainless steel filling funnel
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Wood box
1 x User manual

Inside the wooden box (not pictured) you’ll find everything you need to get started.

The Vapman and its components

The small and discreet Vapman splits apart into two main components, the bowl and the stem/lid. Unlock the stem with a counter-clockwise twist and remove it to reveal the bowl/heating chamber below. Under the bowl, you’ll see the conical point where you point the torch flame and cook your herbs. The stem has three small air holes to adjust the airflow as needed (cover the holes with your fingers). Now, let’s get started with a session.

The Vapman splits apartment into these two main components.

Set the flame

For this first time, set the flame of your torch lighter to the diameter of the metal filter on the bottom of the stem. The aura of the flame should extend to or just a little past it. Twist the flame adjuster underneath the lighter to fine tune it. Turn it clockwise to lower it, counterclockwise to increase it. It doesn’t have to be exact. Around there is a good place to start.


For your torch lighter, set the flame to the diameter of the metal filter screen.


Use a medium-fine grind

The Vapman vaporizer prefers a medium-fine grind, so take whatever grinder you have and grind some herbs up. Most three or four-piece grinders will work fine, but if you have a two piece grinder, just grind until there’s little resistance when you twist and turn.

Pack and lock

Remove the stem and place the included loading funnel on top of the bowl. Sprinkle your herbs into the bowl and fill it just below the rim. Remove the funnel and place the mouthpiece on top. Press it in until the little rod of the bowl inserts into the stem and and twist to lock it into place.


Use the included loading funnel to load the oven with ease.


Heat it and hit it

To start, place the tip of the flame on the bottom of the bowl and heat up for three seconds, and off for three seconds. Run this cycle three times and give it a slow pull. If you don’t get any vapor, give it a second, cover up one or two of the airports, and jump back in.

Unlike the DynaVap vaporizers, the Vapman doesn’t “click” to let you know it’s ready. Pay attention to the smell. If you start to smell a light roast, it’s time to hit it. If it smells like burnt popcorn, you’ve gone too far. You can use this to gauge your desired temperature.


Point the flame at the conical point on the bottom bowl.


Stir if needed

After a hit or two, open the oven and check the herbs. If they’re a dark brown color, they’re spent and you can toss them. If it’s on the lighter side, use the metal rods on the side of the stem to stir it and give it another good hit. Most conduction vaporizers, like the PAX 3 or Davinci IQ2, don’t need to be stirred, but the Vapman will do well with one sometime during your session.


Use the metal rods on the stem to stir the herbs.


Cleanup with a brush and wipe

We’ll release a thorough cleaning guide for the Vapman soon but in the meantime, just give it a quick clean up. After each session, empty the bowl, brush it out, and wipe down the mouthpiece screen below the vapor path. And that’s it!

Find your sweet spot

The beauty of the Vapman portable vaporizer is its unique flexibility. It has a bit of a learning curve, but it serves you. You can heat it softly for gentle, flavorful hits, or push it to the edge for you big hitters. Play around with different torch settings and heat methods to dial in your own specific sessions and vapor quality.

The Vapman pulls you in closer to your sessions. Join us as we explore each step of this mindful ritual.More 

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