ZOVOO F600 DRAGBAR Disposables Review

An award-winning collection of disposables, the ZOVOO DRAGBAR F600 range offers users mind blowing flavour, an intense throat hit and a high level of convenience.

For this review, I tried six of the available flavours…here’s how they all held up. 

Kiwi Passionfruit & Guava

A super popular taste profile, Kiwi Passionfruit & Guava and its multi-layered combination of sweet and sour created a truly tropical vibe.

The notes of kiwi offered a zingy, slightly acidic edge that was neatly offset by a sweet and well-rounded passionfruit.

The relaxed undertone of guava the perfectly mellowed out the overall taste and the cooling agent gave it a refreshing edge…making it perfect for those who like fruit liquids with an icy twist.

Pink Lemonade 

A firm favourite of many, this delicious blend of sharp lemon and sweet, succulent berries combined into a vibrant blend of flavour.

I really noticed the zesty lemonade above all as it was both strong in taste and more prevalent than the more laid-back berry notes.

The way these two elements interacted was nothing short of incredible and they both brought something different to the table.

I thoroughly enjoyed vaping this disposable as it provided just about everything you would want in a decent lemonade-inspired liquid.

Watermelon Ice 

As suggested by the name, this flavour offered a punchy, well rounded and sweet watermelon taste profile that was imbued with hints of ice.

Alongside the sugary taste was an extremely subtle sourness and the cooler notes were proportioned perfectly, complementing the watermelon in a well-concocted effort.

I felt that this livened up the sweetness and amplified the bright, somewhat floral, vibe that this flavour achieved.


Another favourite flavour profile of mine, the grape notes used in this disposable were complex and extremely lively.

I picked up on several different grape notes, including one that reminded me of bubblegum and another that reminded me of a soda.

As with many of the options in this line, there was a noticeable cooling agent that brought the already powerful flavour to a whole new level of intensity.

I found this disposable tremendously easy to vape due to the consistent and long-lasting taste.

Sour Apple

Immediately standing out for me, this disposable presented a straightforward but easily enjoyable flavour with an exceptionally sour taste.

The tart green apple notes manifested as that familiar chewy candy we all know and love, with a layer of cooling agent bringing a mouth-watering refreshment to the mix.

I’m not usually one who opts for icy flavours, but the added coldness actually made this disposable even more pleasant to vape.

I would certainly recommend this disposable to people who enjoy strong flavours and a medium amount of iciness.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

This is a popular flavour making the rounds in the disposable market right now…and the brand managed to get it spot on.

With a tangy and somewhat bitter blueberry on the inhale and a vibrant, juicy raspberry on the exhale, this disposable had a tongue-tingling sourness that was present throughout.

To emphasise the fruity, sour taste, there was minimal iciness to this flavour. I felt that the lack of coldness allowed the berry notes to take centre stage and really grab your attention.

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The post ZOVOO F600 DRAGBAR Disposables Review appeared first on Vapouround.

 An award-winning collection of disposables, the ZOVOO DRAGBAR F600 range offers users…
The post ZOVOO F600 DRAGBAR Disposables Review appeared first on Vapouround. 

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